Sunday, April 1, 2007


The scene: a dark, empty stage. A lonely figure walks up to a microphone. He looks around, as if waiting for others to join him. When no one does, he taps the microphone lightly and begins.

Hello. As you've probably gathered, I'm just starting a blog for the first time. So pardon in advance for any hideous errors I make early on; technology doesn't like me.
So, what can you expect on this blog of mine? Haiku. And possibly some haibun, if the mood strikes me. Why here? Because I write a lot. Most of it, I figure, will not be very good. But, every now and again, in the masses of paper I cover, will be one that's absolutely brilliant. And, of course, fifty that are absolute drivel. Right now, all of my haiku are lying around on little slips of paper in a manila folder. I'd like to start getting them out there, if nothing else so that I can get a little constructive criticism. So that's why I'm here.
I plan to update this every week, probably on Sundays. But, with the degree of randomness in my schedule, updates will probably be rather random. I'll include my favorite haiku of the week, and perhaps drag out some from a long time ago. If I feel so inspired, I'll also include a haibun.
Feedback is greatly appreciated! (For those curious as to exactly what a haiku is, I highly recommend The Haiku Anthology, edited by Cor van den Heuvel. Not only does it have some wonderful haiku, it has complete definitions in the index.)

With that out of the way....


from the leafless tree,
the birdhouse

the anarchist
warms his hands
at the rubbish fire

not yet dawn,
one bird
already singing

with the heat I let the cat out

the local shop
has become
a chain

sparrow's song
in winter.
a fanfare

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