Sunday, May 13, 2007


Isn't it amazing how quickly summer can come? It seems like it's hardly become spring! Yet already the weather has turned hot and humid. (Well, not today. Today's pleasantly cool.) Ah, well. This week's haiku range everywhere from trees leafing to the first day back from summer break. Enjoy!
new buds
like sand
roll in the wind
dressed in black,
he's a shadow's shadow
in the corner
fresh road lines
bright yellow
on a Spring morning
my shoes
tinted green
from lawnmowing
after summer break,
last year's posters
litter the bulletin boards

Though it is only May, it feels like the height of summer break. Waves of heat lie over the town, and people move slowly, drifting from store to store. Someone slams a car door.

in the dust,
the bright blue feather
of a jay

The bell of the convenience store jingles as the door swings shut. The store owner looks up from swatting flies to see someone disappear down the aisle of baking ingredients. The ceiling fan creaks as it spins, doing little to dispel the stillness. He goes back to the flies.

The customer moves quietly; the store owner doesn't notice them approach the counter until they plop down a large bag of brown sugar and reach for their wallet.

A momentary feeling of disconcertion: the customer seems to be stuck between: the eyes seem to old for a teenager, though everything else suggests it; long hair pulled back in a loose braid, feminine clothes, but masculine body...

A moment of disconcertion, and then they are gone, leaving only the smell of brown sugar in the sun.

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